Adding Social Media Access

Launching something from scratch is a process….

My ever-evolving culminating experience is taking shape on this website. What it looks like now is that this will be the central clearing house for all sorts of goodies. Right now, I’m gathering survey information on, essentially, what people like the best about the San Francisco Writer’s Conference, an event very close to my heart. I’ve made many friends there, been inspired to write more and taught how to get better, and learned the specifics on publication. The people are great, and my research is my humble effort to learn things and share them back to an organization I deeply appreciate.

I think this constitutes full disclosure!

Outside of this blog, I now have a Facebook page for Events4Writers, a Twitter account @events4writers, and a (currently empty) YouTube channel. More will be coming on line as time permits.

The other things I’m working on are are several literature reviews. One is looks at conferences, and I’m working up a matrix of events, locations, their “unique value propositions,” and contact information. I’m also indexing all the how-to books on humor, comedy, stand-up, and impov. This is a fun task, but a bit daunting. There’s a lot out there. In the same vein, I’m looking at biographies, and working up and abstract there. Finally, I’m doing an ongoing series of interviews to learn from the pros in this area. I just joined the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, too. This organization helps provide best-practices information, networking opportunities, ethical guidelines, and lists of recognized successful events. I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn.

As you can see, my culminating experience is not a once-and-done thing. I’m setting up the framework to offer an ongoing resource, and I’ll reaching out to potential content contributors and partners.  Please stop back in and give me feedback as you are able.

Robb Lightfoot

Grad School Research

Hello all

I’m going to be sharing my research findings, as I go along, on the topic of writing conferences, retreats, and workshops. My goal is to find and celebrate best practices, and to have the voices of those behind the scenes, often working long hours without pay, celebrated. Of course, I hope to help writers find the right event at a price and time that works for them. But I also want to have some fun and make friends along the way.

I hope you’ll join us. I welcome your feedback. My Twitter account that focuses on this aspect of my life is @Events4Writers.

Robb Lightfoot
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